Roque Coral

Roque Coral-Herrera

B.A. 2020; M.A. 2022

Since graduating from SF State, Roque has been applying to lecturer faculty positions at various community colleges in the Bay Area. He also applied for a substitute teaching permit.

As a PLSI M.A. student at SF State, Roque taught PLSI 200: Intro to American Politics and hopes to continue teaching political science in the future! His favorite PLSI courses at SF State were PLSI 742: Public Opinion, Elections, & Media with Professor McDaniel and PLSI 416: Ethnicity & Nationalism with Professor Volk. They greatly expanded his knowledge and interest in the discipline.

Advice for current and future PLSI students

My biggest advice to political science students is to communicate with their professors. Tell them about your interests & goals for the future. I would not have gotten all the great opportunities I had at SF State without so many professors offering guidance & advice.