Welcome to our Advising page! Every student in our program has an assigned advisor. Undergraduates are assigned according to last name; Graduate students should consult with Graduate Coordinator Professor Amanda Roberti.

Undergraduates, please see the list below for your assigned advisor and their office hours. If those hours don't work, or if you want to see someone in particular, you're also welcome to attend any other advisor's office hours. It's always a good idea to meet with an advisor one-on-one early in your career at SF State to make sure you're on the right track and are aware of all opportunities.

Undergraduate PLSI Major and Minor Advising

Students with last names: Advisor Email Office Hours
Last names: A-BO Prof. Aaron Belkin  
Last names: BR-CHE Prof. Nicholas Conway


Last names: CHO-DE Prof. Rebecca Eissler  
Last names: DI-GAL Prof. Marcela Garcia-Castanon


Last names: GAN-HI Prof. Katherine Gordy


Last names: HO-KR Prof. Sujian Guo  
Last names: KU-MARS Prof. Ron Hayduk


Last names: MART-MO Prof. Joel Kassiola  
Last names: MU-PL Prof. Mark Leinauer  
Last names: PO-R Prof. James Martel  
Last names: S Prof. Jason McDaniel


Last names: T-Z Prof. Whitney Taylor  

Graduate Advising

Students with last names: Advisor Email Office hours
Last names: A-Z Prof. Amanda Roberti  

CST Minor Advising

Critical Social Thought Minor

Students with last names: Advisor
Last names: A-Z Prof. James Martel



Majors in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts (LCA) should consult with two advisors each semester: 

(1) an advisor in the major and

(2) a general education and university requirements advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center

Students who are completing a minor or an additional major should see an advisor in those programs as well.


Visit the Division of Graduate Studies, which offers counseling and advising regarding issues ranging from applications to graduation.