Public Law

Public Law is the law that governs the public sector — the law that governs government. It is also a major subdiscipline of Political Science.

Colorado Courthouse side view of the front of the building

The Department of Political Science at San Francisco State University has a vigorous and growing offering in public law.

We offer many upper division courses in Public Law for students considering law school, graduate school, or government work. These courses include Judicial Process, Legal Issues, Jurisprudence, Moot Court, four Constitutional Law classes, and the Senior Public Law seminar. We also offer a valuable judicial internship. Our public law program is also greatly enriched by our dynamic young SF State Moot Court Team, led by Dr. Nick Conway. Students with BA's from our department have recently gone on to such law schools as Georgetown, Cornell, Northwestern, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio State and UC Berkeley, and three have been editors of the UC Hastings Law Journal.

The department's full time faculty includes two J.D./Ph.D.'s. We welcome student inquiries into our Public Law program.

Public Law Breadth Courses

Courthouse view from inside through wall of windows

  • PLSI 308: Research and Writing for Public Law (4 Units)
  • PLSI 478: Judicial Process (4 Units)
  • PLSI 481: Race and Public Law (4 Units)
  • PLSI 552: Individual Rights and the Constitution (4 Units)
  • PLSI 553: Legal Issues (4 Units)
  • PLSI 554: Separation of Powers and Federalism (4 Units)
  • PLSI 555: Moot Court* (4 Units)
  • PLSI 556: Constitutional Law: First Amendment (4 Units)
  • PLSI 557: Constitutional Law: Fourteenth Amendment (4 Units)
  • PLSI 561: Jurisprudence (4 Units)
  • PLSI 562: Jurisprudence Writing Workshop (2 Units)
  • PLSI 610: Judicial and Legal Internship (3 Units)
  • PLSI 611: Judicial and Legal Internship Seminar (1 Unit)

(610/611 must be taken concurrently)

*PLSI 555: Moot Court May be repeated once for credit, but only 4 units may be applied to breadth.