Martin Carcieri

Martin Carcieri
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Martin D. Carcieri is Professor of Political Science at San Francisco State University, specializing in Public Law and Political Theory. He holds a B.A. and M.A. from Cal State Los Angeles, a J.D. from UC Hastings, and a Ph.D. from UC Santa Barbara.

Dr. Carcieri teaches undergraduate courses in Judicial Process, American Political Thought, Legal Issues, Constitutional Law, and Jurisprudence, as well as graduate seminars on the First Amendment, Separation of Powers, Judicial Process, the U.S. Drug War, and John Rawls. He has won four teaching awards, and his work has been cited in amicus curiae briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court in five landmark cases. His second book, “Applying Rawls in the 21st Century: Race, Gender, the Drug War, and the Right to Die,” was published in 2015 by Palgrave MacMillan. His twenty-five journal articles and book chapters include:

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  • On the Medicinal-Recreational Distinction in Cannabis Law, Denver University Law Review, Volume 89, pp. 1011-1016, Fall 2012
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  • The Michigan Affirmative Action Cases and Public Personnel Decisions, Review of Public Personnel Administration, Volume 24, pp. 70-76, March 2004 (recognized as one of ROPPA’s thirty all time most widely cited articles, January 2007)
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