PLSI launches new combined BA/MA degree ("4+1" program) in political science

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

We are excited to announce that we've been approved to launch a combined BA/MA degree in political science. Start your graduate work while still an undergrad! This is part of the SF State Scholars program (sometimes known as a "4+1 program"). The Political Science SF State Scholars program provides an accelerated route for students to enter a competitive workforce in government, law, business, and teaching, and/or to better prepare them for more advanced graduate training in doctoral programs and law schools. Political Science SF State Scholars students will be able to begin their advanced degrees early, allowing them to spend more time on specialized research, work more closely with SF State faculty, and save money and time covering the costs of an MA degree. The program may be done part time or full time. More information about the program and application information will be available very soon.

SF State Scholars Application

B.A. in Political Science + M.A. in Political Science Roadmap

More information about SF State Scholars Program