Minor Requirements

A minor in Political Science offers students a solid grounding in the basic principles of political science, and training in more advanced coursework. The PLSI Minor makes a good complement to a variety of majors ranging from History to Communications.

For any PLSI minor advising questions for spring 2021, please contact PLSI Minor Advisor Prof. Lucia Volk. Please include Last Name, First Name and SFSU ID in email SUBJECT line.

Requirements for the Minor in Political Science

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Lower-Division Core (6 units)

Select two of the following courses:

  • PLSI 200: American Politics (3 Units)
  • PLSI 250: Comparative Politics (3 Units)
  • PLSI 275: Introduction to Political Theory (3 Units)

Core: 6 units

Upper-division electives in Political Science are selected in consultation with Political Science adviser to serve the student’s interests and life goals.

Electives: 12 units

Total for minor in Political Science: 18 units

PLSI Minor checklist

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