Graduate Requirements

Core Requirements
Course Title Units
PLSI 700* Research Design 3
PLSI 740 Seminar in American Politics 3
PLSI 760 Seminar in Comparative Politics 3
PLSI 780 Seminar in Political Theory 3
Total Units: 12

*PLSI 700 is a required course that all incoming students must take in their first year of the program. Students who do not pass it must take it in their second year in order to be eligible to register for further classes. Students may only attempt the course twice.

Elective Seminars
(At least two-three* courses in areas of subfield specialization selected from the following)
Course Title Units
PLSI 741-59 Various courses in American Politics 3
PLSI 761-79 Various courses in Comparative Politics 3
PLSI 781-99 Various courses in Political Theory 3
Total Units: 15-18

* Students who elect to take comprehensive exams must take three graduate political science seminars listed above (9 units). Students who write a thesis need only take two graduate seminars from the courses listed above (6 units).

*Additional graduate courses (e.g. PLSI 707 and 708) and/or upper-division undergraduate courses in political science or graduate courses in closely related fields (e.g. international relations) may be used to complete the additional units required for the MA. Students must consult the graduate coordinator for permission to apply any course outside the Political Science Dept. Please note that PLSI 707 and PLSI 708 do NOT count towards the PLSI subfield elective requirement, though they may be used towards the 30 total needed for the MA.

Culminating Requirement
Course Title Units
PLSI 898 Master’s Thesis 3
Or PLSI 896 Comprehensive Examinations 3
Culminating Requirement Total Units: 3
M.A. Degree Minimum Total Units: 30