College of Health and Social Sciences Dean's Speaker Series: Willie Brown

Event Date: Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 12:00
Location: Seven Hills Conference Center
Willie Brown

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. in conversation with Dr. Joseph Fink, past president of Commonwealth Club of California and Dominican University. Free.

Willie L. Brown, Jr., SF State alumnus (class of 1955); mayor, San Francisco (1996 - 2004); speaker, California State Assembly (1980 - 1995); assembly member, California State Assembly (1965 - 1995).

Brown will discuss national, regional and local political trends and will answer questions from the audience. A two-term mayor of San Francisco, legendary speaker of the California State Assembly and widely regarded as one of the most influential African American politicians of the late 20th century, Brown has been at the center of California politics, government and civic life for a remarkable four decades.