Comparative Politics

Comparative Politics is the study of politics and political dynamics in countries around the world.

Halanja Votoing September 2017

Comparativists study a huge range of subjects: democracies and democratization, nationalism, social movements, comparative legal systems, authoritarianism, regime change and more.

The Department of Political Science at San Francisco State University offers many courses on comparative politics, and students may take others in related departments such as International Relations. We are particularly strong in the study of nationalism and social movements. Our faculty conduct research in Russia, China, the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Sri Lanka, Colombia, South Africa, and elsewhere, and have published highly regarded work on politics in these areas. Many of our M.A. students also study issues in comparative politics.

Comparative Politics Breadth Courses

  • PLSI 307: Qualitative Methods in Political Science and International Relations (4 units)
  • PLSI 328: Domestic and Foreign Policy: Post-Communist Regions (4 units)
  • PLSI 403: Cases in Comparative Politics (4 units)
  • PLSI 404: Politics of China (4 units)
  • PLSI 406: Radical Right Politics: Far-Right Parties in Contemporary Europe (4 units)
  • PLSI 407: Politics of Russia (4 units)
  • PLSI 408: Mexican Politics and Society (3 units)
  • PLSI 410: Middle East Politics (4 units)
  • PLSI 411: East Asian Politics (4 units)
  • PLSI 412: South Asian Politics (4 units)
  • PLSI 415: Politics of India (4 units)
  • PLSI 416: Ethnicity and Nationalism (4 units)
  • PLSI 417: Gender, Equality, and Politics: A Comparative Perspective (4 units)
  • PLSI 418: Political Transitions in East & Southeast Asia (4 units)
  • PLSI 419: Comparative Political Economy (4 units)
  • PLSI 420: State-Society Relations in the Middle East (4 units)
  • PLSI 421: Social Movements in the Francophone World (3 units)
  • PLSI 422: Law and Courts in Comparative Perspective (4 Units)
  • PLSI 424: Social Movements (4 units)
  • PLSI 425: Imagining Power in the Middle East (4 units)
  • PLSI 431: Constructing Kurdistan (4 units)
  • PLSI 435: Politics of Global Finance and Crisis (4 units)
  • PLSI 459: Refugees in Global Perspective (4 units)

Nicole Watts teaching at front of classroom