American Politics

The study of American Politics encourages students to engage with the problems, politics, and policies that surround them, whether that be at City Hall, the state capital in Sacramento, or in Washington, D.C.

Democracy FloatFrom careers in law to those in policy and activism, SF State's Department of Political Science prepares students for the challenges and rewards of careers following graduation, by encouraging them not only to become subject area experts, but develop skills in political methodology and statistical analysis.

Our faculty conduct research and have published books and scholarly journals on a wide range of topics including voting behavior, state and local politics, political participation, the judicial process, public policy, and the presidency. Our department is also particularly strong at providing students with experiential learning through our Moot Court team, Judicial and Legal internship program and our Public Service internship program.

American Politics Breadth Courses

  • PLSI 460: Topics in American Politics (4 Units)
  • PLSI 461: Voting Behavior, Campaigns, and Elections (4 Units)
  • PLSI 462: Applied Public Opinion Research (4 Units)
  • PLSI 463:The Politics of Immigration in the United States (4 Units)
  • PLSI 464: Race and American Politics (4 Units)
  • PLSI 465: Reason, Passion, and Political Behavior (4 Units)
  • PLSI 467: Politics and Community Organizing (4 Units)
  • PLSI 468: Women and American Politics (4 Units)
  • PLSI 470: The Politics of Sex and Reproduction (4 Units)
  • PLSI 472: Civic and Political Engagement (4 Units)
  • PLSI 473: California Politics and Government (4 Units)
  • PLSI 475: San Francisco Political Issues (4 Units)
  • PLSI 476: The American Presidency (4 Units)
  • PLSI 477: Congress and the Presidency (4 Units)
  • PLSI 479: The United States Congress (4 Units)
  • PLSI 512: Urban Politics and Community Power (4 Units)
  • PLSI 603: Public Service Internships (3 Units)
  • PLSI 604: Internship Seminar (1 Unit)

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