Undergraduate Studies

Major in Political Science

The major offers a solid undergraduate education in political science and the liberal arts. Graduates are prepared for careers in government organizations, interest groups, political parties, political consulting, lobbying organizations, campaign management, political polling, media and journalism and pre-law education for law school. Other career options include legal professions, international businesses, multinational corporations, international organizations, etc.

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Complementary studies

Courses that can be counted towards Complementary Studies for the PLSI major, SFSU.

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Major and Minor Requirements

Note that there are two plans for graduation at this time. If you are a freshman as of fall 2015 (including as a transfer student), the new plan applies to you. If you are a student who started earlier, you can adopt either plan (the senior seminar will count as an elective or breadth course).

Courses that Satisfy GE Requirements

Here is the complete list of Political Science courses that satisfy general education requirements.