Undergraduate Admissions

For transfer students from California community colleges, the following requirements apply:

Lower-division Transfer Requirements

The California State University, at the request of the state legislature, is attempting to provide for a seamless transition from community colleges to CSU. To encourage students in the community college system to think carefully and plan effectively for majors and campuses in the CSU system, priority transfer will be given to students who complete the recommended pattern of courses at the community college for their specific major. The goal of the entire package is to have a well-prepared transfer student who is able to move right into the junior year of the major on the campus of their choice.

Representatives of the political science departments of all the CSU campuses met January 22, 2005, to decide what that pattern of courses for a major in political science should look like. Students are permitted to transfer 60 semester units from the community college system. Here is the decision they made regarding 45 of those 60 units that would transfer to any political science department in the CSU system: Students should complete:

  1. Lower-division general education (GE) requirements of either the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) pattern (37 units) or the CSU GE-Breadth pattern (39 units). Most CSU-bound transfer students choose the GEBreadth pattern. Prospective political science majors should strongly consider meeting their GE mathematics requirement with a statistics course, if one is offered.
  2. Graduation requirements in U.S. history, Constitution and American Ideals (IGETC 6 units, GE-Breadth 0 - 6 units). These are typically completed with one course each in American government and American history. Students seeking to major in political science are advised to include Introduction to American Government (CAN GOVT 2) in this section.
  3. If not already completed as part of lower-division general education requirements (1) or graduation requirements on U.S. (2) above, Introduction to American Politics (CAN GOVT 2), (0 - 3 units).
  4. If required to achieve a sum of no fewer than 45 units: either complete a second CSUtransferable course in English composition (CAN ENGL 4); and/or complete any other courses that carry transferable credit toward the CSU baccalaureate degree (IGETC 0-3 units, GE-Breadth 0-6 units).

In addition, students should complete 15 units according to a pattern specified by the political science department on the CSU campus to which they desire to transfer. These would be added to the previous 45 units to make up the total of 60 transfer units for a political science major. 

The Department of Political Science at San Francisco State University will accept the following pattern of 15 units in lower-division courses: ƒ

  • Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 units): These courses are required core courses in our Ibid.
  • Introduction to Political Theory (3 units)
  • Another political science course (3 units), such as Understanding Politics, International Relations, Global Politics, etc. This is optional in our major.
  • If not completed as part of the previous 45 transfer units; a second CSU-transferable course in English Composition (3 units, CAN ENGL 4)
  • 3 - 6 units in any other courses that carry transferable credit toward the CSU baccalaureate degree.
  • A minimum grade of C is required in each course.
  • A minimum grade of C is required in courses used to meet Areas A and B4.
  • IGETC does not permit double counting of courses for (1) and (2).
  • CSU GE-Breadth permits courses to be double counted for (1) and (2).
  • Both IGETC and GE-Breadth permit this course to be double counted for (2).

All students who need advice on course equivalency for the political science prerequisite courses should visit the ASSIST website.

Course descriptions for Political science can be viewed online in the SF State Bulletin.

Courses in political science can satisfy both program requirements as well as general education program requirements.