Master of Arts in Political Science

Why an M.A. in Political Science from SF State?

For many college graduates, an M.A. in Political Science is a good investment of time and money, whether in good or bad economic times. For those who go on to law school or a Ph.D. program, the M.A. provides both a solid substantive foundation and an advantage in admissions to top law or graduate programs.

For those unsure whether they want to go on, an M.A. generally only takes two years to complete (unlike the five to seven years commonly required for a Ph.D.), and it provides an advantage on the job market over those with only Bachelor’s degrees. In the meantime, the student has had more time to think about the professional direction he or she wants to pursue.

Given the cost of graduate education these days, two years of CSU tuition is a relative bargain for a degree that can do so much. Finally, an M.A. in Political Science is highly relevant for those who wish to go into high school or junior college teaching, or into some aspect of local, state or federal governmental work.

At SF State, our Political Science faculty are experienced, well-published scholars and teachers specializing in American Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Theory and Public Law. Anyone with questions about our program is encouraged to contact our graduate adviser.

Areas of specialization within the M.A. program may include

  • American Politics
  • Political Theory
  • Comparative Politics

Student teaching opportunities are available. Most seminars are offered in late afternoon and evening. Limited financial aid is available in the form of teaching assistantships and research assistantships. These are usually not available during the first semester of work. The program is professional in its standards, substantive offerings, and levels of expectation.