Graduate Teaching Assistants

GTAs are required To:

  • Attend the course
  • Hold office hours
  • Being a liaison for students via email or in person
  • (possibly) Facilitate discussion sections
  • Facilitate online forums (if online course)
  • Become ilearn capable (if online course)

GTAs might be able to:

  • Grade assignments; quizzes, term papers, exams (develop grading rubrics)
  • Giving a guest lecture
  • Hold midterm and final review sessions
  • Develop a syllabus
  • Provide administrative support for Professor
  • Select course readings and structure class

Expectations and requirements of any individual TA are determined by the course instructor and depend on the abilities and the needs of the course instructor and the specific course.

General Qualifications

  • Must be currently enrolled and in good academic standing
  • Reliable/professional
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Self Motivated
  • Good, clear communication skills
  • Good sense of judgment
  • B.A. in social science or related subject
  • Detail oriented and well organized
  • Interested in pedagogy/teaching process

Known University Restrictions on being a GTA

  • The graduate student cannot be enrolled as a student in the class they are GTA for.
  • The graduate student cannot receive credit (PLSI 708) more than once.
  • The graduate student cannot receive credit (Independent Study) more than once.
  • The graduate student cannot receive payment and credit for the same course.
  • The graduate student cannot be a GTA for more than one class per semester.
  • It is not possible for grad students to GTA for grad level classes.

Fill out a Graduate Teaching Assistant Performance Evaluation.