Complementary studies

Twelve units of complementary studies are required of all candidates for the B.A. degree in Political Science. These units must come from courses bearing a prefix other than PLSI that are not cross-listed with Political Science. Students can satisfy this requirement by completing a related minor, a secondary major, or through an approved Study Abroad program.

Complementary Studies courses should have a direct bearing on the study of politics, or deepen and enrich the study of politics. Such courses are typically found in departments like International Relations, Urban Studies and Planning, or Philosophy, and in the College of Ethnic Studies.

Courses that can be counted towards Complementary Studies for the PLSI major, SFSU. Please note that courses not listed here might be considered; please consult your advisor.


Africana Studies

AFRS 300 From Africa to Olmec America: Ancient African Prehistory and History

AFRS 301Africa in Global Perspective

AFRS 302 Black Diaspora

AFRS 303 African American History

AFRS 304 Black People and the American Experience

AFRS 310 Anthropology of Blackness

AFRS 312 Kalifia: The Black Heritage of California

AFRS 320 Black Politics: Mass Movements and Liberation Themes

AFRS 335: The Black Woman: A Cultural Analysis

AFRS 345 Blacks in Urban America

AFRS 375 Law and the Black Community

AFRS 376 Government, The Constitution and Black Citizens

AFRS 450 African Philosophy and Cosmology

AFRS 646 Frantz Fanon’s Psychology of Violence, Negation and Liberation

AFRS 660 Civil Rights Movement and Education


American Indian Studies

AIS 205 American Indians and U.S. Law

AIS 235 American Indian Images and Issues in the Mass Media

AIS 310 American Indian Religion and Philosophy

AIS 350 (ALSO in AFRS) Black-Indians in the Americas

AIS 410 Perspectives of Native Californians

AIS 420 American Indian Women

AIS 430 American Indian Sovereignty

AIS 460 Power and Politics in American Indian History

AIS 470 American Indian Identity Politics

AIS 480 American Indian Social Movements

AIS 490 Ancestors or Data? The Politics of NAGPRA

AIS 540 Advanced Topics in American Indian Law

AIS 600 Current Issues in the American Indian Community

AIS 610 American Indians and Museums



ART 403 Queer Art History

ART 405 Art, Literature, and Power in the Renaissance

ART 504 The Art and Architecture of Islam

ART 506 Art Since 1945

ART 507 Art of China

ART 508 Contemporary Art in a Global Context

ART 602 Art History Seminar


Asian American Studies

AAS 301 Asian Americans of Mixed Heritage

AAS 320 Chinese in the United States

AAS 323 Chinese American Identities

AAS 330 Nikkei in the United States

AAS 333 Japanese American Identities

AAS 350 Filipina/os in the United States

AAS 353 Filipina/o American Identity

AAS 360 Koreans in the United States

AAS 370 Vietnamese in the United States

AAS 373 Vietnamese American Identities

AAS 377 Cambodians in the United States

AAS 510 Asian Americans in California

AAS 518 Asian Americans and Mass Media

AAS 540 South Asians in the United States

AAS 541 South Asian Diaspora

AAS 570 Southeast Asians in the United States

AAS 581 Asian American Women

AAS 595 Asian American Communities and Public Policy

AAS 681 Asian American Community Changes and Development



ANTH 300 Foundations of Anthropology: History

ANTH 302 Foundations of Human Variation

ANTH 303 Foundations of Anthropological Film

ANTH 305GW Writing Anthropology - GWAR

ANTH 315 Regional Ethnography

ANTH 316 Contemporary Culture of Greece

ANTH 318 Islam: Interpretation and Practice

ANTH 319 Cultures of the Middle East and North Africa

ANTH 320 Racism: Cross-Cultural Analysis

ANTH 321 Endangered Cultures

ANTH 325 Class: Cross-Cultural Analysis

ANTH 326 Origins of Art and Visual Representation

ANTH 327 Anthropology and Film

ANTH 328 Anthropology and Photography

ANTH 343 Women and Work

ANTH 415 Culture and Sex in East Asia

ANTH 420 Indigenous Media and Social Change

ANTH 450 Archaeology of Ritual and Religion

ANTH 470 Archaeology of Mexico and Central America

ANTH 471 The Ancient Maya

ANTH 480 Ancient Civilizations of the Near East

ANTH 490 Ancestors or Data?: Culture, Conflict and NAGPRA

ANTH 500 Language and Cultural Systems of North American Indians

ANTH 501 Latin America: The National Period

ANTH 515 The Two Koreas

ANTH 525 Diversity in the Workplace

ANTH 551 Anthropology of the Body

ANTH 555 Urban Anthropology

ANTH 557 Ethnography of the Inner City

ANTH 569 Cross-Cultural Aspects of Sex and Gender

ANTH 570 Anthropology of Religion

ANTH 581 Anthropology and Folklore

ANTH 585 Globalization and World Cultures

ANTH 590 Anthropology of Women

ANTH 591 Applied Anthropology Media Workshop

ANTH 592 Archaeological Methods

ANTH 595 Visual Anthropology I

ANTH 596 Visual Anthropology II

ANTH 609 Approaches to the African Past

ANTH 630 Medical Anthropology

ANTH 651 Ethnographic Field Methods

ANTH 652 Anthropological Statistics



BECA 300: BECA Research

BECA 324: Law & Regulation of Electronic Media

BECA 460: Introduction to News on Broadcast and Electronic Media

BECA 390: The Age of Information

BECA 422: Social Aspects of Electronic Media



CINE 304 Gender and Film

CINE 305 Film and the Holocaust

CINE 306 Chinese Documentary Film

CINE 308 Third Cinema

CINE 327 Anthropology and Film

CINE 331 Hollywood Representation of Race and Ethnicity

CINE 332 Understanding the Representation and Narration of Sexuality in Cinema

CINE 340 Critical Studies

CINE 341 Critical Studies Discussion Group

CINE 342 Documentary Film

CINE 342GW Documentary Film - GWAR

CINE 372 Film Theory

CINE 373 Film and Society

CINE 375 U.S. Culture and Cinema of the 1950s

CINE 401 National/Regional Cinemas

CINE 407 History and Film


Communication Studies

COMM 351 Public Speaking

COMM 352 Women and Words

COMM 365 Argumentation and Debate

COMM 366 Persuasion

COMM 368 Forensics

COMM 440 Political Communication

COMM 441 Rhetoric of American Dissenters

COMM 443 Rhetoric of Feminist Movements

COMM 444 Rhetoric of the Media

COMM 444GW Rhetoric of the Media - GWAR

COMM 445 The Rhetoric of Terrorism

COMM 448 Rhetoric of Ecology

COMM 448GW Rhetoric of Ecology - GWAR

COMM 449 The Rhetoric of Criminality and Punishment

COMM 461 Issues in Free Speech

COMM 496 Special Studies in Communication and Social Criticism

COMM 522 Organizational Communication

COMM 522GW Organizational Communication - GWAR

COMM 525 Sexual Identity and Communication

COMM 527 Health Communication

COMM 530 Communication in Organizational Training

COMM 531 Conflict Resolution

COMM 532 Interviewing Methods in Organizational Settings

COMM 533 Communication and Empowerment in Organizations

COMM 534 Mediation Theory and Practice

COMM 534GW Mediation Theory and Practice - GWAR

COMM 537 Leadership Communication

COMM 541 Critical Approaches to Culture and Communication

COMM 542 Intracultural Communication

COMM 543 Dialogues Across Differences

COMM 544 Communication and Aging

COMM 550 Classical Rhetoric

COMM 561 Social Semiotics

COMM 561GW Social Semiotics - GWAR

COMM 562 Discourse in Interaction

COMM 562GW Discourse in Interaction - GWAR

COMM 563 Conversational Analysis

COMM 570 Human Communication and New Technologies

COMM 663 Qualitative Methods in Communication and Performance

COMM 664 Research Methods in Language and Social Interaction


Comparative Literature

CWL 421 Celtic Literature

CWL 422 Imagining the Constructed Body: From Statues to Cyborgs

CWL 424 Multicultural Middle Ages

CWL 430 Heroic Tales of the Mediterranean

CWL 432 From Ghost Stories to Short Stories: Japanese Fiction in Comparative Contexts

CWL 437 Holocaust and Literature

CWL 440 "Typical American": Narratives of Multiculturalism in the Americas from 1492 to the Present

CWL 451 Jewish Literature of the Americas

CWL 465 Modern Greek Poetry in Comparative Perspective

CWL 480 European Jewish Writers

CWL 520 Modern Prose of the Americas

CWL 525 The Partial Magic of Metafiction

CWL 540 Faulkner, García Márquez, and Morrison

CWL 637 Experimental Novel: 1950-1980


Computer Science

CSC 338 Information Technology in a Global Society


Criminal Justice

C J 300 Criminal Justice: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective

C J 323GW Ethics in Criminal Justice - GWAR

C J 330GW Research Methods in Criminal Justice-GWAR

C J 335 Legal Writing and Research

C J 340 Comparative Criminal Justice

C J 400 Police and Public Policy

C J 401 Criminal Profiling

C J 405 Organized Crime

C J 435 Race, Crime, and Justice

C J 450 Jails and Prisons

C J 451 The Architecture of Incarceration

C J 452 Criminological Theory

C J 460 Community Corrections and Sentencing

C J 461 Terrorism and Covert Political Warfare

C J 470 Juvenile Justice

C J 475 Intervention Policies in Juvenile Justice

C J 480 California Corrections System

C J 485 Latina/o Youth, Crime, and Justice

C J 501 Criminal Law

C J 502 Criminal Procedure

C J 505 International Criminal Law

C J 515 Extremism as Crime

C J 520 Construction of Crime and Justice

C J 525 Global Restorative Justice and Corrections

C J 530 Geographies of Social Control and Urban Diversity

C J 550 School Violence and Discipline

C J 570 Urban Violence

C J 600 Youth Gangs in Community Context

C J 680 Field Course in Criminal Justice



All courses can be counted towards Complementary Studies for the PLSI major



CLAS420 - Classics and the Environment

CLAS530 - Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome



EDUC 300 Education and Society

EDUC 509 Violence in Schools: Identification, Prevention, and Intervention

EDUC 511 Traumatized Child: The Effects of Stress, Trauma, and Violence on Student Learning

EDUC 513 Drugs and Alcohol in Schools: Understanding Substance Use and Abuse

EDUC 514 Teaching Diversity in the Classroom

EDUC 639 Bilingual Education in the U.S.: A History of Struggle, Resistance and Achievement



ENG 380 British and American Travellers to Greece

ENG 398 Greek American Literature

ENG 432 Seminar in Immigrant Literacies and Community-Based Projects

ENG 451 Jewish Literature of the Americas

ENG 462 Literature in English III: The Twentieth Century

ENG 465 Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

ENG 495 Digital Humanities and Literacies

ENG 512 18th Century British Women Writers

ENG 514 Age of the Romantics

ENG 516 Age of the Victorians

ENG 521 Studies in 20th Century English Literature

ENG 522 Irish Literature

ENG 524 Contemporary American Short Story

ENG 525 Studies in American Literature

ENG 526 Age of the American Renaissance: 1830-1860

ENG 527 American Literature: 1860-1914

ENG 528 American Literature: 1914-1960

ENG 533 Holocaust and Literature

ENG 535 Literature and Ecology

ENG 546 20th Century American Jewish Women Writers

ENG 550 The Rise of the Novel

ENG 552 Modern British Novel

ENG 553 Classic American Novel

ENG 554 Modern American Novel

ENG 555 The Short Story

ENG 558 Early Twentieth Century Poetry in the United States

ENG 559 Middle and Late Twentieth Century Poetry in the United States

ENG 565 The Short Story: Global Literature in English

ENG 570 Medieval and Renaissance Drama

ENG 571 Shakespeare's Rivals

ENG 573 American Drama

ENG 574 Modern British Drama

ENG 580 Individual Authors

ENG 581 Jane Austen

ENG 583 Shakespeare: Representative Plays

ENG 584 Shakespeare-Selected Plays

ENG 589 Milton

ENG 600 Theory of Literature

ENG 601 Literature and Psychology

ENG 602 Literature and Society

ENG 614 Women in Literature: Authors and Characters

ENG 615 Imagery, Metaphor, and Symbol

ENG 631 Post-Colonial Literature in English

ENG 632 The Literature of Exile and Migration

ENG 633 Gay Love in Literature

ENG 636 Greek and Roman Myth and Modern Literature

ENG 658 South African Literature


Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies 450:  Environmental Law and Policy

Environmental Studies 470: Climate Politics and Policy

Environmental Studies 600: Environmental Problems and Solutions


Ethnic Studies (Race and Resistance Studies)

RRS 240 All Power to the People: Comparative Freedom Movements of the "Sixties"

RRS 250 Race and Ethnicity and Power in America

RRS 350 Race, Labor, and Class

RRS 410/SOC 410   Grassroots Organizing for Change in Communities of Color

RRS 435 National Security and the Racialization of Arabs and Muslims in North America

RRS 520 Race, Radicalism, and Revolution

RRS 600/ HIST 466   History of People of Color in the U.S.

[Section B: Popular Culture, Literature, and the Arts]

RRS 430 Arab Media Images in America: Impact on Arab Americans

RRS 480 Youth Culture, Race and Resistance

[Section C: Gender and Sexuality]

RRS 571 Women, Race, and Class

[Section D: Diasporas and Transnationalism]

RRS 370 Islamophobia: Roots, Development, and Contestation of Hatred

RRS 420 Arab American Identity: Memory and Resistance

RRS 657 South Asian Diaspora



GEOG 402 Human Response to Natural Hazards

GEOG 421 Future Environments

GEOG 423 Geographic Perspectives on Gender, Environment and Development

GEOG 425 Economic Geography

GEOG 427 Agriculture and Food Supply

GEOG 428 International Political Economy of Food and Hunger

GEOG 430 Transforming Food and Agriculture Systems: Local to Global

GEOG 432 Urban Geography

GEOG 433 Urban Transportation

GEOG 434 Geographies of Health and Health Care

GEOG 435 Geography of Global Transportation

GEOG 437 Bicycle Geographies

GEOG 445 Geopolitics and Globalization

GEOG 454 San Francisco on Foot

GEOG 455 Geography of Ethnic Communities

GEOG 500GW Physical and Human Dimensions of Climate Change - GWAR

GEOG 550 Geography of the United States and Canada

GEOG 552 Geography of California

GEOG 575 Emerging China

GEOG 600 Environmental Problems and Solutions

GEOG 644 Water Quality

GEOG 646 The Geography of Marine Resources

GEOG 647 Geography of Water Resources

GEOG 648 Management of National Parks and Protected Areas

GEOG 651 San Francisco Bay Area Environmental Issues

GEOG 652 Environmental Impact Analysis

GEOG 657 Natural Resource Management: Biotic Resources

GEOG 658 Land-Use Planning

GEOG 666 Geography of Garbage: Recycling and Waste Reduction

GEOG 667 Environmental Justice: Race, Poverty, and the Environment

GEOG 668 Politics, Law, and the Urban Environment


Global Peace Studies

GPS 315 Introduction to Global Peace Studies

GPS 375 Peace Law and Human Rights in the U.S.




All courses can be counted towards Complementary Studies for the PLSI major



HUM 360 Styles of African Cultural Expression

HUM 361 Cultural Expression in Islam

HUM 366 India's Gandhi

HUM 372 Critical Political Theory

HUM 375 Biography of a City

HUM 376 San Francisco

HUM 377 Jerusalem

HUM 378 Athens

HUM 390 Images of Eroticism

HUM 401 Ancient Greek Literature

HUM 402 Ancient Roman Literature

HUM 403 The Early Middle Ages

HUM 404 The High Middle Ages

HUM 405 Art, Literature, and Power in the Renaissance

HUM 407 Romanticism and Impressionism

HUM 410 The Modern Revolution

HUM 432 Nietzsche and Postmodernism

HUM 434 Arendt and Heidegger

HUM 450 California Culture

HUM 455 Humanities of the Americas

HUM 480 Thought and Culture in America to 1880

HUM 481 Thought and Culture in America: 1880 to the Present

HUM 496 Islam and the Poetics of Space

HUM 501 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

HUM 507 Art of China

HUM 510 Comparative Form and Culture

HUM 520 North and South American Cultural Expression

HUM 526 Culture of Japan before 1850

HUM 527 Japan and Modernity

HUM 530 Chinese Civilization

HUM 531 Images of Modern China

HUM 535 Classical South Asian Cultural Forms

HUM 536 Modern South Asian Cultural Forms

HUM 582 Tales from Ancient India: Hinduism and Buddhism


International Relations

All courses can be counted towards Complementary Studies for the PLSI major


Jewish Studies

JS 301 Judaism, An Introduction

JS 317 The Holocaust and Genocide

JS 377 Jerusalem

JS 405 Film and the Holocaust

JS 408 Israeli Cinema

JS 414 Arendt and Heidegger

JS 415 The Hebrew Bible

JS 425 Judaism: Religion and Text

JS 430 Israeli Democracy: Politics, Institutions, and Society

JS 437 Holocaust and Literature

JS 449 American Jewish History

JS 451 Jewish Literature of the Americas

JS 477 Topics in Israel Studies

JS 480 European Jewish Writers

JS 485 Modern Israeli Literature

JS 501 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

JS 530 Yiddish Literature, History, and Society

JS 540 Anti-Semitism

JS 546 20th Century American Jewish Women Writers

JS 560 The Arab-Israeli Conflict

JS 632 Jewish History I: Beginnings to 1650

JS 633 Jewish History II: 1650 to Present

JS 741 The Holocaust and Postwar Germany Taught in English



JOUR 307 News Media Law and Ethics

JOUR 328 Anthropology and Photography

JOUR 452 International Media Politics

JOUR 536 Latina/o Journalism

JOUR 560 Public Journalism

JOUR 570 Opinion Writing

JOUR 575 Community Media

JOUR 580 Environmental Journalism

JOUR 582 Social Media Journalism

JOUR 595 Magazine Writing

JOUR 608 News Bureau Publication Lab

JOUR 610 Cultural Diversity and News Media

JOUR 645 Journalism in China

JOUR 650 Seminar: Contemporary News


Labor Studies

All courses can be counted towards Complementary Studies for the PLSI major


Latina/Latino studies

LTNS 680 Community Organizing

[courses listed under ‘Latina/Latino Studies History’]

LTNS 315 Latina/os in California

LTNS 376 History of Latinos in the U.S.

LTNS 435 Oral History Methods: Theory and Practice

LTNS 450 Indigenismo: Indigenous Cultures of the Americas

LTNS 460 Central Americans in the US: History and Heritage

LTNS 465 Mexican Americans: History and Heritage

LTNS 467 Caribbeans in the US: History and Heritage

[courses listed under ‘Latina/Latino Studies Behavioral and Social Science’]

LTNS 210 Latino Health Care Perspectives

LTNS 276 U.S. Government & Constitution

LTNS 280 Acculturation and Latina/o Communities

LTNS 415 Economic Progress of Latinos  in the U.S.

LTNS 430 Race, Crime & Justice

LTNS 445 Gendered Borders: Latinas & Globalization

LTNS 470 Latina/o Immigration to the U.S.

LTNS 500 Latina/o Community Mental Health

LTNS 505 Gender, Sexuality, and Latino Communities

LTNS 510 Latina/o Families Narrative

LTNS 580 Educational Equity (CSL)

LTNS 590 Environmental Justice

LTNS 660 Latino Politics

LTNS 670 The U.S.- Mexico Connection:  Peoples, Politics, and Cultures

LTNS 680 Latina/o Community Organizing

LTNS 690 Community Fieldwork in Latina/Latino Studies

LTNS 692 Cuba: Health, Education & Culture


Middle East & Islamic Studies

All courses can be counted towards Complementary Studies for the PLSI major


Modern Languages and Literatures (all programs, i.e. French, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Greek, etc)

All courses can be counted. 12 units of any foreign language automatically fulfills complementary studies.


Museum Studies

M S 310 Introduction to Museum Education Methods and Community Engagement

M S 680 Cultural Heritage Preservation

M S 700 History and Organization of Museums

M S 701 Museum Theory and Practice

M S 702 Writing for the Museum Profession

M S 708 Museums: Global Operations

M S 710 Museum Education and School Outreach

M S 715 Interpretation in Museums and Heritage Organizations



MUS 505 Music of the World's Peoples

MUS 506 Survey of Jazz

MUS 507 Jazz and Blues in Film

MUS 508 Modern Music: American Iconoclasts

MUS 511 The Roots of Rock

MUS 512 Rock Since the Mid-1960s

MUS 520 Seminar in Music Literature

MUS 530 Musics of the Middle East and India

MUS 531 Musics of North and Southeast Asia

MUS 532 Music of Latin America

MUS 542GW Ethnomusicology - GWAR

MUS 545 Traditional Kulintang Music and Dance of the Southern Philippines

MUS 552 20th Century Music

MUS 558 Music of John Coltrane

MUS 559 Women in Jazz



PHIL 301 Ancient Philosophy

PHIL 302 Medieval Philosophy

PHIL 303 Modern Philosophy

PHIL 315 Introduction to Global Peace Studies

PHIL 320GW Philosophical Analysis - GWAR

PHIL 321 Being and Knowing

PHIL 330 Political Philosophy

PHIL 335 Law and Society

PHIL 350 Philosophy of Science

PHIL 351 Philosophy of Risk

PHIL 355 Politics and Ethics of the Consumer Society

PHIL 365 Science and Civilization

PHIL 369 Philosophical Issues in Sexuality

PHIL 375 Peace Law and Human Rights in the U.S.

PHIL 378 Philosophy of Criminal Law

PHIL 379 Philosophy of Constitutional Interpretation

PHIL 380 Philosophy of Law

PHIL 383 Ethics in Medicine

PHIL 384 Philosophy of Research Ethics

PHIL 395 Ethical Issues: Science and Technology

PHIL 410 Topics in the History of Philosophy

PHIL 415 The Hebrew Bible

PHIL 425 Existentialism

PHIL 430 Topics in Contemporary Philosophy

PHIL 432 Nietzsche and Postmodernism

PHIL 434 Arendt and Heidegger

PHIL 435 Human Rights in Global Perspective

PHIL 436 Islamic Political Philosophy

PHIL 445 Sex and Morality

PHIL 450 Ethics

PHIL 451 Feminist Moral Issues

PHIL 452 Nature of Morality

PHIL 455 Sex and the Law

PHIL 460 Philosophy of Art

PHIL 464 Philosophy and Film

PHIL 470 Environmental Ethics

PHIL 494 Philosophy and Personal Development

PHIL 500 Philosophy of Religion

PHIL 501 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

PHIL 502 World Religions

PHIL 509 The Buddhist Tradition

PHIL 511 Chinese Philosophy and Religion

PHIL 514 Kabbalah and Mysticism in the Jewish Tradition

PHIL 516 Islamic Philosophy

PHIL 517 Islamic Mysticism

PHIL 525 The Nature of Religious Experience

PHIL 530 Selected Religious Thinkers

PHIL 540 Selected Issues in Religious Thought

PHIL 552 Judaism: Religion and Text

PHIL 605 Metaphysics

PHIL 610 Theory of Knowledge

PHIL 611 Philosophy of Perception

PHIL 620 Philosophy of Mind

PHIL 621 Minds, Brains and Computers




PSY 455 Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Psychology

PSY 456 Psychology of Human Sexual Behavior

PSY 461 Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology

PSY 465 The Psychology of Work Life Stress

PSY 466 Training and Development in Organizations

PSY 472 Introduction to Legal Psychology

PSY 474 Psychology of Social Justice

PSY 475 Psychology of Policing

PSY 494 Cognitive Psychology

PSY 495 The Psychology of Human Memory

PSY 525 Community Psychology

PSY 531 Psycholinguistics

PSY 547 Social Conflict and Conflict Resolution

PSY 571 Intermediate Psychological Statistics

PSY 601 Theoretical Backgrounds in Psychology

PSY 645 Group Processes

PSY 668 The Psychology of Leadership


Public Administration

All courses can be counted towards Complementary Studies for the PLSI major


Urban Studies

All courses can be counted towards Complementary Studies for the PLSI major


Women and Gender Studies

WGS 300GW: Politics of Gender, Race and Nation

WGS 150: Women and Gender in U.S. History and Society

WGS 160: Gender, Politics, and Citizenship

WGS 300GW: Gender, Race, and Nation - GWAR

WGS 301: Women, Gender and Community

WGS 304: Gender and Popular Culture

WGS 400: Research Methods in Women and Gender Studies

WGS 423: Geographic Perspectives on Gender, Environment and Development

WGS 445: Gendered Borders: Latinas and Globalization

WGS 485: Women and Media

WGS 505: Gender, Sexuality, and Latino Communities

WGS 511: Women and Violence

WGS 513: Gender, War, and Militarism

WGS 514: Women and the Prison Industrial Complex

WGS 515: Gender, Race, and Reproduction

WGS 533: Women, Men, and Cultural Change

WGS 534: Gender and the Law

WGS 536: Gender, Globalization and Women's Human Rights

WGS 552: Transgender Identities and Communities

WGS 554: Gender and Global Migration

WGS 561: Women, Ethnicity, and Social Movements

WGS 562: History of African American Women

WGS 563: Gender, Sexuality, and the Politics of Mobility

WGS 564: Women Writers and the Politics of Decolonization

WGS 570: Women, Gender, Policy, and Justice

WGS 571: Gender, Poverty, and Globalization

WGS 578: Women, Globalization, and Ecology

WGS 593: Gender, Health, and the Environment

WGS 601: Gender, Tourism, and Neoliberalism

WGS 602: Feminist Cultural Activism

WGS 612: Queer Theory

WGS 621: Feminist Theories

WGS 681: Genetics, Biotechnology and the Politics of Difference